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– A place and means to inform, exchange, share, enrich and assist the expat community in Arnhem and the surrounding area.

– A key resource for expats living in Gelderland and those looking for information about the area before they arrive in the Netherlands.

– A Local Expat Guide providing suggestions and recommendations covering a wide range of activities and facilities and including options for where to eat and shop, things to see and do and much more.

The Expat communities in the Arnhem area are very active, meeting regularly for activities, outings and events; sharing information, advice and suggestions. Advertising with IRCFORYOU and The Local Expat Guide introduces you to this community wherein word-of-mouth recommendations can ensure potential customers know about you and your company and what you have to offer.

When you place your advertisement here you will have access to a targeted audience, enabling you to engage with them directly. This provides you the unique opportunity to tailor your advertising message directly to and for this niche market.

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