Local orientation tours in Arnhem

City tour with new expats
City tour with new expats

An orientation tour of Arnhem, your new home, will help you become familiar, not only with the necessary resources in the area and where you can find them but it will also give you an insight into the more beautiful locations in the city, such as the fashion district (de Mode Kwartier), the Arnhem Museum, Sonsbeek Park, (Arnhem has beautiful parks) family amenities, libraries and much more.

We will point out areas of interest, cafes and restaurants and other locations where expats meet and socialize.
We will explain about shopping and parking. We will give you information on sports facilities and places of worship.

There are various tours available which can be tailored to suit your needs; whether practical or from a tourists’ viewpoint.

Tours are available in English, French, Spanish and Italian for individuals or a group of up to five persons.

*  Day of tour by arrangement

*  Fee: Contact us for more information